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Sept. 2008
by work friend
Kevin Raper
Senior chow The Purina Diet
(too much time on their hands)
Aug. 2008
by school friend
Mike Green
Cruise Retirement Plan Mom's Retirement Plan

When I got this, Meg & I immediately thought of our moms!
But reflecting on our 401K performance, maybe we should consider it too.

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Jun. 2008
by Meg's mom
 Proof the Irish
Discovered Africa
Dancing Monkeys wmv
Jun. 2008
by John
Click to hear Foghorn Leghorn goals Foghorn, I couldn't resist
Google Images
Aug. 2005
by work friend
Optical Illusions Mysteries of the eye
Follow same pps procedure as the above
"Mom's Retirement Plan"

Sept. 2002
by work friend
Chris Young
Women, Time, Money Mathematical proof – "Women are Evil". rtf
June 14, 2015
by the whole
Anderson Family
Hee Haw Hee Haw

"We loved the time we spent with you,
To share a song and a laugh or two,
May your pleasures be many, your troubles be few..."

more to come ...

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