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I'm not the country musician, "John Anderson" but I really enjoy his music!
I doubt if my website gets near the hits of his website.

I'm now retired and a member of the Ft. Worth Chapter
and Registrar & Webmaster of the Arlington Chapter of the
Texas Society; Sons of the American Revolution

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Dad grew up in Ida, Vivian (Caddo Parish), and Plain Dealing (Bossier Parish) areas of north east Louisiana.
Mom grew up in the Marthaville area of west Natchitoches Parish. Post WWII, they met in Shreveport and married.


I am the oldest of 4 brothers (no sisters) all born as "Baby Boomers" in Shreveport. We lived on Grigsby St and went to Caddo Heights Elem. School until the summer of 1959 when our family moved 8 miles out to Blanchard, La just in time for me to start the 5th grade in Sept. There on the Dixie-Blanchard Road, Hwy 173, is where my brothers and I grew up raising calfs, cutting grass and going to school. Mom had a beauty shop along side the house, "Janaes Beauty Shop", and had many many area customers. She and dad were very active in the Blanchard Eastern Star Lodge.

Grandpa Anderson lived on Caddo Lake near Mooringsport.  So I learned to swim, fish, and hunt there.
One thing for certain is "Even a bad day at the lake or at the ballpark is better than any good day at the office."


I went to Caddo Heights Elementary on Linwood Ave in Shreveport for grades 1-4, Blanchard Elementary for grades 5-8, Lakeshore Jr. High in Shreveport for the 9th grade and Fair Park High in Shreveport for grades 10-12. I graduated from Fair Park High in May 1967 and have many fond memories of school and sports there.

With the money I saved, at 15 in the 10th grade, I bought my 1st car – a well used 1956 Chevy BelAire 4 door automatic with A/C.  Well the A/C didn't work and neither did the 4 door family look, so after a few months I traded it for a 1955 BelAire 2 door gold hot rod. My brother, Mike, and I always had part-time jobs. Saturdays at "The Shreveport Times" newspaper stuffing comics and ads and weekday evenings at the "KCS Railroad", unloading new vehicles (Fords) from the trains. So in the fall of 1966 we together had enough money to buy a new 1967 Chevy Camaro. Enough to promise to make the payments anyway. As brothers we alternated date nights, etc and shared that Camaro through high school. $86.04 monthly payments where usually easily split, but in some months it was hard to come up with the dough.

55 Chevelot BelAir

In Sept '67, I began college at LSU-S (2 year Junior College at the time). In the summer of '68 our family moved back into Shreveport. And in Sept '69 I transferred to LSU at Baton Rouge where in the spring of 1971 I met Meg. Then we married in Dec. 1971. She completed her bachelors degree in Elem. Education at LSU in Baton Rouge in 1973 while I worked at various jobs to get us by. For Christmas 1975, we moved to Lake Charles where Meg taught 5th grade at Jackson St Elementary until I finished my bachelors degree in Mathematics & Computer Sciences at McNeese State Univ. in May 1977.

After I graduated from McNeese, Meg & I moved to South Bend, St Joseph Co, Indiana for a good job in data processing at Associate Financial Services.  I was a rookie Fortran and Assembler programmer. Our sons (John & Steven) were both born there. In June 1980, I transferred on the job as an applications programmer / developer to the Dallas area, and settled in Arlington, Tarrant Co, Texas.  Here we've been ever since. Once the boys started elementary school, Meg began teaching again. She retired after 28 years all in 1st grade at J.B. Little Elem. just down the road from our residence. The job market and our health did hold. We both retired in 2014. See our "Retirement Dashboard".


Janie Fricke once had a country song that I tried and tried to get my wife to love as much as I.
Perhaps you've heard it – "Easy to Please" which contains the best line ever – "Pleasing you pleases me!"
She (my wife) was reluctant to enjoy the song as much as I wanted her to.

As I approached retirement, my geneaolgy, ancestry and DNA interest seems to get the best of me. Now retired, I find myself anxious to visit cemeteries, courthouses, find a new reference, etc. Any chance to find a new cousin is a great thing. Funerals are less depressing if loved ones are present and willing to discuss the "Good Ole Days".
At the top of this and each webpage is our Anderson Family "Table of Contents" (menu). Be sure to check out our Ancestry webpages.


Consistant with this genealogy fever and back in 2010, I joined the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution. First the Ft. Worth chapter, then the Arlington chapter. I stay active with both chapters.

The Ft. Worth chapter is well established and often has activities where I can be involved.

The Arlington chapter is much smaller and needs all the assistance it can get. As the Registrar, I assist new candidates with their paperwork. And as the Web Admininstrator, I attempt to keep their website up-todate.

I'm retired, but I stay busy. I don't have time for a real job anymore. I will be glad to assist any of my relatives learn of their ancestry and if they're interested, I be glad to assist them with joining the SAR or DAR. Chapters are all across the nation. Surely there's one near you.

Your comments are welcome. Thanks for visiting!



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Sweet thing!
Wife and/or Car?


The Barbeque Song


I got this Droll Yankee Flipper for one of my birthdays!
You can find it too at


Favorite Memory Links!

I have many great high school memories around my new
red 67 Camaro rs (327cc, 4 speed manual).
Who would have known I should have never got rid of it.
But that I did, in 1969 when my brother bought out my interest.
These Camaros belong to some lucky folks who still have theirs.
Roll over (Hover)
to see these!

'67 Camaro
'67 Camaro rs
'67 Camaro rs
'67 Camaro rs
'67 Camaro ss
'67 Camaro ss
'68 Camaro ss
'68 Camaro ss
'68 Camaro ss (GAC)
'69 Camaro
 2010 Concept Camaro

Google Map Residence: Sept 1959 – July 1967

Caddo Lake
Grandpa Anderson lived on Caddo Lake approximately 30 years. He and dad taught me to fish and swim. The Historic Caddo Lake Drawbridge, Mooringsport, La.

Google Map Hometown through Junior College; 1949 – 1969

10th – 12th grades; Sept 1964 – May 1967

Local and Ark-La-Tex newspaper.
I spent many Saturdays manually stuffing the Sunday paper with ads and comics.

KCS Railroad KCS Railroad
Dad worked in the Shreveport office from before I was born until he retired in 1990. My brothers & I always had part-time jobs there through high school and junior college.

New Orleans Saints
A Saints fan from their inception in 1967. Archie Manning was a great QB addition in 1971.

Toledo Bend Sabine Parish
Right on the Texas / Louisiana stateline, the best fishing in all the area.

Google Map
Marthaville, La is located in far western Natchitoches Parish, almost to the Sabine Parish line.

Natchitoches Cane River
Cane River Creole, National Historic Park

Junior College; Sept 1967 – May 1969

LSU State Univ.
Jan. 7, 2008 BCS Champions; La. State Univ. beats Ohio St. Univ.
LSU & SEC are the best in the land!

McNeese State Univ.
Graduated May, 1977; Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, Texas Arlington, Tarrant Co, Texas Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas
Arlington / DFW Metroplex; Things to Do...


Occupational Sites

The Associates, acquired by Ford, then Citigroup

Associates Financial Services, Inc.

My Tenure as Financial Associate: 1972 – 1975 – Baton Rouge, LA; 1976 – 1977 – Lake Charles, LA

My Tenure as Pgmr Analyst: 1977 – 1980 – South Bend, IN; 1980 – 1981 – Irving, TX

1972 a Gulf & Western Co. 1989 acquired by Ford Motor Co.; 2000 acquired by Citigroup, Inc.


Union Pacific Resources Inc.

(Petroleum Division of UP)

My Tenure as Project Leader: 1981 – 1989 – Ft. Worth, TX

2000 acquired by Anadarko Petroleum Co.

Color Tile acquired by Carpets Plus

Color Tile & Carpet Corp.

My Tenure as Proj & App Mgr: 1989 – 1997 – Ft. Worth, TX

1998 acquired by Carpets Plus, Inc.

Cybertek acquired by Computer Science Corp

Computer Sciences Corp.

(Financial Services Sector)

My Tenure as Sr Pgmr Analyst: 1997 – 2001 – Dallas, TX; 2001 – 2014 – Irving, TX

2001 acquired from Cybertek, Inc.


Country Music Links

Country Music Association
CMT,, etc   Great American Country
Academy of Country Music   KSCS 96.3 Dallas/Ft Worth "The Country Leader"
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Some of my favorite Modern Musicians

I'm not the country musician, "John Anderson" but I really enjoy his music! I doubt if my website has near the hits of his website. Click his name or picture to visit his website.

Brad Paisley 
Brooks & Dunn 
Carrie Underwood 
Clint Black 
Faith Hill 
George Strait 
Jack Ingram 
John Anderson 
Keith Urban 
Kenny Chesney 
Lady Antebellum 
Musician LeAnn Rimes 
Martina McBride 
Miranda Lambert 
Rascal Flatts 
Reba McEntire 
Taylor Swift 
Tim McGraw 
Trace Adkins 
Tracy Lawrence